Rethinking the factions

Divergent - Veronica Roth

I need to preface this by admitting my bias.  I do not like reading spiritual fiction and/or Christian fiction.  I like reading religious history, but not fiction.  That being said, I made the mistake of reading the afterword by the author of this book and now I'm having problems with the entire story.  If I had not read the afterword in which the author makes it perfectly clear she's a Christian, would I have ever picked out Christian theology in the factions (especially Abnegation)?  I find it ironic that Abnegation and Erudition are the two that start the war.  I'm getting too wrapped up in authorial intent here and have lost a little bit of enjoyment of the book.  I wish I could un-read that.  I reread Divergent in anticipation of the last in the series, so I'm hoping I can overcome my bias and enjoy the books for what they are-darn good storytelling.